1-30-21_ From Arkansas through Mississippi

We’re all settling into life on the road.  Tawnee’s still is not crazy about the car ride, often meowing while wandering around the vehicle but overall she’s managing just fine. 

We have a pretty decent mixture of walking around to check out a site, town or forest, with driving a distance. Watching out the window mostly on back roads I’ve witnessed a pretty interesting observation about the homes we’ve seen.  Huge contrasts from little shacks and motor homes to huge fancy houses and estates, and some in between. The interesting part is that they are often right next to one another. Of course the larger homes have more land surrounding them, but still the next house you might see on the same road may be a small run down one littered with old cars and trash.  Out west or in large cities these obvious wealth disparages would be separated into differing neighborhoods.  We wondered if these neighbors of vastly different means talk to one another, get along, argue or if they just let each other be.  Since we haven’t really stayed in any one place very long, we haven’t had that many conversations with locals except for some brief ones from time to time at a coffee shop or a site we’ve stopped at. 

The other main observation is the large amount of water, moisture all around.  It hasn’t rained much, but everything is always damp. There are many swamps, bogs and bayous.  I’m still trying to understand the difference between these different names and even looking it up on the internet did not make it crystal clear.

Although it has been a LOT warmer than back home, it’s still been pretty damp and chilly out.  We’ve only hit one day in the 60’s when the sun was out and it was dry and warm enough to do yoga outside, and boy did that feel good!! I’ve spent most of my down time hanging in the camper painting. 

Before we left, I signed up for my friend Lani Kai’s, ‘Creatrix Codes’ workshop. This young woman is an inspiration to me and has helped me feel safe enough to come back to a creative side that I abandoned long ago. I highly recommend her course! I’ve also been participating as much as I can in Valerie Kaur’s, ‘People’s Inauguration’ put on by Sounds True. It is a 10 day online training/exploration into Revolutionary Love.  She developed this program from her recently released book ‘See No Stranger”. I also highly recommend this work.  It is really timely and transformational. I am so grateful for both of these opportunities to deepen, rediscover and rebirth.

We haven’t seen a ton of wildlife yet, and I always enjoy this part of traveling.  We did have a red tail hawk fly in front of us a few days ago, and this morning the same thing happened with a barn owl. I wish I had a quicker reaction with the camera, but I suspect it was a more a sign from spirit than a photo opp.  That same barn owl showed up during the practice with Valerie Kaur where she led us through a guided mediation. That owl came to me as my wisdom guide and the protector of my doubt.  

We’re camping the night in the DeSoto National Forest and head to the Coast of Alabama tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see and smell the ocean!


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