1-22-21, Birthing a New Paradigm

January 22, 2021
We finally left Hot Springs, SD our home yesterday in the midst of the pandemic and the day after our new President and Vice President were sworn in! The word “birth”, recently came up in a woman’s group I’m a part of and it feels so perfect for these times! Despite the rampant fear and division that persists on the planet, I also feel and am experiencing a new pulse, inspiration and birth of consciousness, if you will amongst our humanity. I am so very blessed to be engaged with many progressive and spiritual communities whom are walking the path of courageous love. We can not do this alone, we can only co-create the New Earth with our collective wiliness, vulnerability and action. Just as some believe that if enough of us take the vaccine we can combat the corona-virus, I believe that if enough of us take the journey within to look at our shadow selves, the part of us buried deep within to face and accept it, collectively we can heal and move forward to birth this “New Earth”. Many cultures have some form of belief, legend or stories about this time, the Aquarian Age where collective consciousness comes together, rather than a time of individualism. It appears we are birthing this new paradigm. From the words of our oldest elected president during his inauguration speech focused on us setting aside our differences and coming together as a nation to solve our many challenges, to a poignant poem from the youngest speaker at the inauguration, that inspired us to imagine and create the kind of world we long to live in, to an invitation from another young evolutionary activist Valerie Kaur, to participate in a people’s inauguration, an opportunity for all of us to engage in this process together. I’m excited to be a part of this birthing process, by taking personal responsibility to do my part. I hope you will join me.

I don’t claim to have the answers but I have the wiliness and courage to take steps everyday. We all have our own path to follow. When we listen deeply and follow that guidance, we know we are on the right path. So that is how we set out on this journey well into winter and during a pandemic. There we’re plenty of reasons to stay home such as staying in the comfort of our little cocoon, to concerns about what others would think about us traveling during a pandemic, fears of claustrophobia of traveling in our little 17 ft. Casita with a large dog and semi wild cat, and finally guilt about having the luxury to take such a trip while others are just struggling for survival. My internal compass said to push through all of these doubts and fears. Like traveling through the birth canal, moving forward into the unknown, facing these feelings by acknowledging them and being curious. I know from experience a journey like this offers so many rich experiences just by being, observing, interacting with others and the natural environment along the way. These experiences always expand my perception which in turn help me to see more clearly just as Valerie Kaur asks us to practice ” See others, even strangers, as a part of ourselves we do not yet know.”


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